Seahawks sign Austin Davis…

….and not Colin Kaepernick. Now, I’m not losing any sleep over this, but Colin is far better than Davis. He also fits the Seahawks system, again, far better than Davis.

At the same time, Davis was almost certainly cheaper than Kaepernick, and also has much less baggage. It’s baggage that I’ve talked about a ton on radio, but haven’t here. To make it brief, I’ll just lay out the timeline and what my general opinion of each event was.

1. Wearing a Dolphins hat on Instagram while a member of the 49ers: Pretty simple, thought it was immature.
2. The Anthem protest: Didn’t agree, but I understood it. Defended his right to do it while many called for his suspension.
3. Pledging his first million to charity: Loved this move. Dude put his money where his mouth was. The protest still didn’t make a ton of sense, but all least he’s doing some good.
4. Socks depicting cops as pigs: This came out after the anthem protests, but was from a few years before. Thought it was extremely immature, and pretty disrespectful.
5. Fidel Castro t-shirt: Obviously, dumb as fuck.
6. Defending his Fidel Castro shirt to the face of a Cuban-American reporter who fled Cuba: Even dumber. This one completely baffled me. As people celebrated Castro’s death in the streets of Miami, Colin Kaepernick tried to tell a person that witnessed his reign firsthand, that Castro wasn’t all bad because of “literacy rates”.
7. Announcing he would no longer protest the Anthem: What had changed? Did he accomplish anything? This made the original protests feel a lot more hollow.

I’m sure I left out some stuff. Essentially, I’m hot and cold on this guy. Does some good, says some stupid.

At the end of the day, however, that’s a pretty long list of public controversies (excluding the million to charity), especially for a guy that is looking for a backup quarterback job.

And whether you want to argue the merits of each incident, he knew they would be controversial, and he knew they would bring a ton of attention. He chose to become a distraction at a time when he knew he had become a lower-tier passer, one who was by no means guaranteed a spot on an NFL roster. All while having a skill set that fit a small number of offenses in the league.

Do I wish he had a job? Of course. You never want someone to be out of a job. But this isn’t a great disservice. This is a case of a marginal quarterback being left out because he is a distraction.

But hey, try baseball. Seems to be working out for Tebow.


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