Kaepernick compares Police to Slave Patrol

He’s at it again. Colin Kaepernick, on Thursday, sent out a tweet in which he compared law enforcement to the runaway slave patrols that existed in pre-Civil War America.

Politically, this is a complex discussion. Do I think that every move law enforcement makes is perfect and justified? Absolutely not, but in the ongoing debate over Kaepernick’s lack of a job, nuance doesn’t matter.

Now, I wrote about this when the Seahawks signed Austin Davis over Kaepernick, and my take hasn’t changed one bit. In fact, it’s only strengthened. Kaepernick is a distraction, and one that his talent doesn’t validate.

If you don’t have the self-awareness to avoid sending a tweet stereotyping police officers, I don’t want you playing quarterback for me. If you don’t have the self-awareness to know how ridiculous it is to defend Fidel Castro to the face of a Cuban reporter, I don’t want you playing quarterback for me. If it is blatantly obvious that football is not your first priority, I don’t want you playing quarterback for me.

None of this really hinges on where you stand politically, but more the sheer stupidity of Kaepernick. If I was desperate for a job, the last thing I would do is go on social media and directly contradict the politics of my prospective employer. This would be my exact policy if the roles were reversed. If you’re a conservative, wanting to be hired by someone who is extremely liberal, and you can’t bite your tongue, you’re an idiot.

There is also the possibility, and it’s a real one, that he just doesn’t care. Outside of being political, he hasn’t said a ton publicly. There have been countless reports throughout this whole saga, many of which have had their legitimacy challenged. Kaepernick supporters have said he wasn’t actually asking for the big contract that was being floated out there, but it remained a point of contention, and still does. Why? Because all we hear is surrogates and supporters. If you’re following politics, you know how unreliable of a source that really is. There has still not been a peep heard from the horse’s mouth on the number. How hard is it to publicly say, “Yeah, I never said I said eight million was my minimum.”? How hard is it to publicly denounce things said about you that are untrue?

This reminds me of Tim Tebow. Remember that guy who, we were told, was someone who loved nothing more than football and would do anything to play? Well, he didn’t love it enough to play tight end when the Buccaneers came calling.  Kaepernick is similar. His supporters will tell you, “He just wants to play! He just wants to be on a roster!”, and yet, he continues to directly hurt his chances at getting a job.

If he refuses to do a few simple things, he’s either an idiot, or he doesn’t care. If he’s an idiot, I really don’t want him playing quarterback on my team.  If he doesn’t care, why do we?



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