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Conference Hierarchy

The Conference hierarchy rankings are based solely on My Top 25. 5 pts for top 5, 4 pts for 6-10, 3 pts for 11-15, 2 pts for 16-20, 1 pt for 21-25. You can have one great team, but to be the best conference, you’ve got to have a strong top half. When it comes to the power structure in college football, the top half carries the bottom (see the SEC East for the last decade).

1. Pac-12 (17 pts)

2. Big 10 (16 pts)

3. ACC (15 pts)

4. SEC (14 pts)

5. Big 12 (11 pts)


My Weekly CFB Column

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It’s back. Not a couple games in Australia, or a few games on a Thursday night. Real, full, college football Saturdays are back, and the first one did not disappoint. We had a dumpster fire (Texas), a slow cooker (Alabama), and I don’t even know how to describe Missouri winning a 72-43 shootout with an FCS school.

Speaking of FCS schools, two of them knocked of FBS opponents. Howard, led by Cam Newton’s younger brother, knocked off UNLV. It was the biggest upset ever (Howard was +45), so of course it happened in Las Vegas. The other came at the hands of Liberty, who knocked off Matt Rhule’s Baylor team.

It was a great weekend. Sure, the big games could have been closer, and there were still a lot of Auburn-Georgia Southern-esque matchups, but it’s back. And if you told me I had to chose between this weekend of college football, and any weekend of this offseason, you know exactly where I go.

Alabama 24, FSU 7

The game of the century was really just another Alabama game. Are we really going to be surprised that Alabama dominated a team with a poor offensive line and won the special teams battle? I spent the entire off season trying to talk myself into this being a classic game, but when it came down to brass tax, Alabama -7 was too easy.

Jalen Hurts was still not great, but he only threw the ball 18 times. No quarterback is able to get into a rhythm when he throws the ball under 20 times.  He was also facing, and this is under the radar because of all of FSU’s negatives, one of the best defenses in the country. We can talk about the injury to Deondre Francois, the lousy playcalling, and the miscues, but the ‘Noles defense is undoubtedly the cornerstone of this team. It’s the sheer talent on this side of the ball that has had FSU being one of the favorites to get to the Playoff.

Jalen Hurts will be much better than what we saw Saturday night throughout the rest of the season. The only challenge to them, especially after how bad the SEC East looked all weekend, is Auburn. Even then, we don’t really know what Auburn is until they go to Death Valley in week two.

As far as Florida State,  they’re the ACC’s only hope. With Francois out and an offensive line that hasn’t improved one iota, we just figured out which conference is going to be left out of the Playoff.

Maryland 51, Texas 41

Tom Herman’s Texas is just like Charlie Strong’s Texas. It looks nice at the skill positions, it has a lot of talent and promise, but it has absolutely no toughness. This game was really a tale of two cities. On one side, a coach in year two that has recruited nicely and instilled some excitement in a program that has been a joke for a while. On the other side, a coach in year one that has recruited nicely and instilled absolutely no excitement in a program that has been a joke for a while.

Tyrell Pigrome had the Terps’ offense buzzing, including two touchdown throws and another on the ground before suffering a knee injury that did not look good at all (as if any injury looks “good”), but Kasim Hill barely missed a beat. There was a small section of the game in which it appeared Texas could get back in, but Hill quickly shut down the Longhorns’ momentum.

It all hit its climax when Texas fans started throwing stuff on the field. Of course, everybody & their mother had to whine about how “classless” this was. (Complaining about class is quite possibly the most pious, annoying thing one can do during college football season. It’s just like the tear-jerkers during College Gameday. I’m trying to get excited about football. We get it, a lot of players come from tough situations, or have a long lost family member. Give me mascot picks and dumb signs)

Are Texas fans right to be upset? Yes. A program that has been the premier school in the state and was the biggest moneymaker in college football for a very long time, just got smacked around by Maryland.


My Top 25

1. Alabama

2. Ohio State

3. USC

4. Oklahoma State

5. Penn State

6. Oklahoma

7. Washington

8. FSU

9. Wisconsin

10. Auburn

11. Clemson

12. Michigan

13. Stanford

14. LSU

15. Georgia

16. Louisville

17. Washington State

18. Miami

19. Virginia Tech

20. Notre Dame

21. USF

22. Oregon

23. UCLA

24. Kansas State

25. Florida

Heisman Top 5

1. Mason Rudolph, QB, OK ST

2. Sam Darnold, QB, USC

3. Josh Rosen, QB, UCLA

4. Saquon Barkley, RB, Penn State

5. Baker Mayfield, QB, OU

CFB 9/2 Picks

CLEM -39.5 vs KENT

BALL +6.5 @ ILL

WYO +11.5 @ IOWA

MD +18.5 @ TEX

BG +17.5 @ MICH ST

PSU -30.5 vs AKR

UNC -12 vs CAL

S CAR +5 @ NC ST

MICH -5 vs UF

NW -24 vs NEV

OK -43 vs UTEP

TEM +18.5 @ ND

BOISE -10.5 vs TROY

SO MISS +10.5 vs UK

USC -26.5 vs W MICH

APP ST +14 @ UGA

MRSH -2.5 vs MI OH


AUB -34.5 vs GA SOU

USA +24 @ MISS

LVILL -24.5 @ PUR

ARK ST +14.5 @ NEB

ALA -7 vs FSU


BYU +15.5 vs LSU